A resource management app designed to help business avoid conflicts and maximize resources.

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Flexible, user-friendly, intuitive, and customizable.

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Event Oriented

Everything revolves around events, where you’ll assign resources and set optional locations. Separate start/end times for the event overall booking provide the ability to easily control setup and breakdown times. If you need to assign multiple locations, you can set unique start/end times for each one! Multiple event/list views can be filtered by resources, locations, and more which makes it quick and simple to track resource fatigue and improve efficiency.

Powerful Resource Management

You enjoy complete control over creating any type of resource you need: staff, equipment, supplies, you name it! Assign max quantity along with usage thresholds for triggering admin warning messages. You can also create resource categories to help keep everything organized as well as automatically add groups of resources to locations whenever an event is created.
Resource Management

Sophisticated Conflict Checking

Once an event is booked, Schedule Fusion automatically performs a conflict check to make sure all of the locations and resources are available. If a conflict is found, the event is flagged, a detailed list of conflicts shows in the event editor, and messages are sent to respective admins. An event won’t be booked until conflicts are resolved and everything happens in real time across all devices regardless where admins are located.
Conflict Checking

Automatic Messaging

Every time an event is booked, a resource is used, or a conflict is generated, the system immediately sends a message to the respective admins with all of the relevant information and direct links to the respective event.
Automatic Messaging

It's everywhere you go.

Designed on a responsive platform, Schedule Fusion is a web app you can access from any internet enabled device. There’s no need to download any separate app for your phone or tablet, all you need to do is login via a browser and go. Whatever you do on one device is stored in the same location. Everything is in sync, up to date, and works in real time.
where to go

The new scheduler solves so many problems for our organization and events. Already, it’s helping departments work out conflicts over resources and staffing. It’s calling attention to problems that we would have never seen until the night of the event – like too much parking overlap or not enough time between events. But one of the things that I really love is that it has value beyond programming managers and event planners. The filtering system allows HR managers to see at a glance which departments are over scheduled, and resources like laptops and projectors are simple to track. There is no more running around our campus trying to figure out where things are and who is using what – with the advanced filter options it is instantly viewable. Now we can easily schedule events, avoid conflicts and have a complete view of what is happening as an organization. I can see this tool becoming something everyone in our organization will find indispensable.

~ Katie Edwards, Society of the Four Arts Director of Communications and Development.


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Schedule Fusion is a powerful resource management web app designed to help business of all shapes and sizes avoid conflicts when scheduling events. Flexible, user-friendly, intuitive and customizable.