Simple pricing and clear featuresets make it easy to pick the right plan for your needs.


ideal for single admin needs
/ mo
$80.55/mo if paying annually - save10%!
1 admin user

no custom branding

24-hour reply ticket support and up to three personal training sessions in the first 30 days of your subscription


enhanced support and unlimited admins
/ mo
$157.05/mo if paying annually - save10%!
unlimited admin users

no custom branding

premium ticket & email support plus three 30-min sessions per month throughout the course of your subscription


maximum support and your own branding
/ mo
$247.05/mo if paying annually - save10%!
unlimited admin users

custom branding

dedicated account rep phone support and unlimited personal training sessions throughout the course of subscription

Every Plan Includes the Following:

  • User defined resources

    Completely customizable, each individual resource has a user-defined name and a maximum number value that can be reserved at any one time. You can also set threshold for automatically notifying a user via email when a resource is being reserved at levels you determine.

  • Resource grouping

    These are groupings of resources that make it easier to find and understand which resources need to be reserved for events. Think of them as categories where “Audio Visual Equipment” could then include individual resources such as projectors, screens, wi-fi access, IT staff, etc.

  • Unlimited read-only users

    Add as many team members as you need. They can access the full calendar, event list, and individual event pages. You can also assign them to receive email notifications.

  • Automatic email notifications

    Assign users to receive email notices when individual resources are booked at a admin-defined warning level and when events are booked, cancelled, or sold out.

  • Detailed email messages

    Messages contain info about the respective event, location(s), resources, along with the associated who, what, where details. You even have direct links pointing to the respective event page.

  • Automatic conflict checking

    Whenever an admin user submits an event, Schedule Fusion performs a conflict check to make sure that the locations and resources are available. If there are conflicts, the associated admins are notified via email, and the event is marked as a conflict until resolved.

  • Separate event and reservation start/end times

    Event runs from 2:00pm to 4:00pm but you need to reserve resources or the location at 1:00pm to 5:15pm? No problem.

  • Designate separate event owners and creators

    Katie may have created the event but carrying it out is Tiffany’s responsibility. Setting mutually exclusive owner and creator users per event allows you to provide access to those other admin users, plus they’ll be notified via email if something in the event is edited.

  • Event duplication

    Save time by using the event duplication feature, a perfect way to populate your resource calendar without having to enter similar details in from scratch for each new instance.

  • Filtered calendar views

    Search and sort features allow you to create custom views based on location, resource, event owner, or program category. Drill down into department level detail to help identify then alleviate resource stress points.

  • Event Overview Dashboards

    Easily detect scheduling conflicts, pending, approved, or canceled events via an visually intuitive list style dashboard.

  • Resource and location dashboards

    Always have a clear picture of how your resources and locations are being used. Easily see how often resources and locations are being used right from their respective admin panels thanks to auto-filtered calendar overviews.

  • Cloud based

    No software to install, no browser settings to configure, and free automatic updates right out of the box!

  • Responsive platform

    No need to download special versions for iOS or android devices. Your single source web app works across all devices and major browsers.

  • Speedy performance

    We know that you want to be able to flip through events and admin panels without #HurryUpAndWait and we’ve designed the system to perform at lightning quick speeds regardless if you only have a few hundred or several thousands of events in the system.

  • No setup fees

    We’re all about transparency in pricing so you won’t get hit with any surprise fees. For Pro users, we even convert your logos to work inside the system for you so your graphic designer can keep working on internal projects.

  • Futureproof

    As a completely managed service, your subscription covers all upgrades, security, and maintenance 365/24/7.


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