Schedule Fusion Basic

Schedule Fusion Basic

From: $89.50

Annual subscribers save 10%!

You have a 30 day risk-free trial period to fully test Schedule Fusion. If you cancel your subscription during this period you will receive a full refund of any fees paid and if you continue using our resource management solution, you’ll be billed per the terms for whichever payment option you selected.

Once you complete your initial subscription fee payment, we will have your new Schedule Fusion account up and running within one business day and will notify you with your login credentials and to see about scheduling your initial tutorial sessions. You’ll be able to access all online resource documentation immediately after your payment is confirmed.

$966.60 / year
$89.50 / month



Schedule Fusion
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Schedule Fusion is a powerful resource management web app designed to help business of all shapes and sizes avoid conflicts when scheduling events. Flexible, user-friendly, intuitive and customizable.